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2020 July 23 
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Park mladeži Hrvatske mornarice 10 21000 Split – Croatia 43°31'08" N 16°26'23"E NIEW RULES FOR TOURISTS (SO OUR EXHIBITORS TOO) SINCE YESTERDAY (9 JUNE) FOR ENTERING IN CROATIAI am a citizen of a Member State of the EU/EEA and I have booked tourist accommodation in the Republic of Croatia. What documents do I need to have to enter the Republic of Croatia? It is necessary to present the confirmation of accommodation booking in an accommodation establishment. The confirmation of accommodation booking in an accommodation establishment includes: Confirmation of accommodation booking of all accommodation service providers / all types of accommodation Camp lease contract Permanent berth contract in a nautical tourism port Confirmation of berth reservation in a nautical tourism port Travel agency voucher etc. So people from these countries can enter without any restrictions with the confirmation of the booking of the accomodation
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