General terms and conditions doglle


Les présentes Conditions Générales d'Utilisation du Service de doglle (Ci-après les « CGUS ») visent à définir les droits et obligations respectifs de doglle et de l'Organisateur d'événements (Ci-après l' «Organisateur»).
En s'inscrivant sur le site doglle, L'Organisateur accepte expressément les présentes CGUS qui prévaudront en cas de conflit.
Any exhibitor or owner is hereafter designated as user.
Any dog show responsible is designated hereafter as organizer. is hereafter designated as website.
1 : Service description

The website serves as an online entry platform for all dog shows, at the disposal of several dog show organizers all over Europe.

Not to be mistaken for the organizers' general secretaries.
The website is a communication tool available to users and organizers.

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2 : Access and entry conditions

When entering the user should complete all obligatory fields of the entry form. By sending the form, he/she explicitly declares transmitting correct and true information, which he/she will keep up to date.

The changes are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user.
We remind you of the Law no 78-17 of 6th January 1978, the so-called Information and Freedom Law, which states that you have a right to consult, modify and correct all personal data known to the site.
Contact us via the site in order to obtain the service editor's coordinates.

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3 : Prices and payment

All prices are all taxes included and only in euro.
The organiser's prices are increased, up to 3.50 euro per entry and per dog, to cover the banking costs and file updates.
Bank charges may differ depending on the country of destination.
In case those costs are covered by the organizer, there is no increase and the service is free.
There are two different payment methods linked to the entry of your dogs.

3-1: Payment by credit card: CC
Dans le cadre d'une inscription, le numéro de carte du client n'est pas conservé sur nos serveurs, ce qui garantit la confidentialité de celui-ci.

3-2: Payment by bank transfer: IBAN
Take into account that payment through bank transfer causes a delay between the payment upon entry and entry registration on the website.
Anticipate your entries and payments to avoid cancellation for lack of payment before closing date.
Your entry is but taken into account upon reception of your payment, with the reference generated by the site when entering.

Les frais des remboursements sollicités auprès de doglle, sont à charge des utilisateurs.
Le coût de ce travail est de 10,00€ sur le montant global de l’inscription (cf tarif organisateur).

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4 : Website changes, terms of use.

The website holds the right to change the terms of use at any time. Users must respect the terms of use of the website.
The website also reserves the right to amend or revise its prices and, to update pages and the website's functionality.
The website remains the sole judge of the conditions for acceptance and validation of text, titles and other information given by users, accessible for other users.

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5 : Users' entries

The user is solely responsible for the content of the transmitted information.

By uploading or sending a title, a certificate, a pedigree or any other certificate or equivalent in paper or digital, or any other file type which exists today or in the future, the owner – the user – declares on honour to be the holder of all exploitation rights of that title, as defined by the French Code of Intellectual Property.

In doing so, he/she accepts without reservation to gratuitously transfer the exploitation, representation and reproduction rights to the website and commits not to demand a remuneration of the website, or any company representing the website’s trademark, and commits not to demand any financial compensation whatsoever.

Only the original owner is reponsible for the publication of a title on the website.

The paper or digital titles, or any other type of file, will not be sent back to the owner, under any circumstance.

The user certifies and ensures that the transmitted information is correct and true, as stated by the uploaded titles.

The user expressly commits to comply with legislation currently in force and shall refrain, in particular, from distributing information damaging to the protection of privacy, honour or reputation of others.

The user should not attempt to mislead other users by usurping the name or company name of other natural or legal persons or by providing false information.

The user shall not post, email or transmit by any other way, items which contain viruses and any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising (namely engaging in 'spam' or any other form of solicitation) or harass in any possible way one or more users.

The user should not use this website for purposes that are contrary to the purpose of its services, including for commercial prospecting, advertising, marketing and sales.

The user commits not to make any proposals which include a purchase or financial exchange.

The user agrees to remain friendly, courteous and respectful to others.

The users agrees to provide a valid email address as long as his/her account is actively used.

In case that email address changes, he/she commits to update that information in his/her account as soon as possible.

A non-valid email address will lead to the desactivation of the account until its update.

Users should refrain from every intrusion in the automated data processing system or from altering all or part of the data contained in that system. Such acts may lead to legal prosecution.

In case of violation of any of the said rules, the website reserves the right to block the accounts of the users concerned, and to terminate and/or delete the disputed commitments, without reimbursing the user.

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6 : Control

The website reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse all content of a form. In addition, the website will have the right to delete or remove any content which violates the terms thereof or is otherwise objectionable. >

You give this website the right to terminate all or part of the right to access your account and your password if the website has cause to believe that you have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of these terms of use.

On the other hand, any account created which did not lead to a connection or is never used will be removed within 30 days.

The website seeks to ensure that the principles outlined above are respected. Given the magnitude of exchanges on the website, the risk of their violation cannot be ruled out. If you witness the non-compliance of the users mentioned above, kindly inform the website which will act in accordance with your anonymity.

For all additional information, please contact the website by way of the ‘contact us’ tab.

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7 : Responsibility

The website will make every effort to ensure an optimal service quality. The website provider, however, cannot guarantee that the site will function properly at all times, which the member accepts while renouncing all responsibility in that regard.

Furthermore, the website cannot be held responsible for any damage related to the sending of newsletters which are regularly sent after the user has accepted those newsletter when entering his/her dog(s).

The website cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages which may result from the use or – conversely – the impossibility to use the service.

The user is solely responsible for distributed, transmitted and exchanged content on the website and its truthfulness, excluding any responsibility for the website as such.

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8 : Confidentialité

Toutes les données déposées par l’utilisateur sur le site, restent confidentielles, et ne seront communiquées à l’organisateur que pour une consultation strictement limitée à une seule exposition canine, identifiée par un n° de code unique.

L’organisateur s’interdit à en faire tout usage contraire, et transmettre ces données à tout concurrent du site. Il s’interdit aussi de les récupérer à des fins commerciales, voire de marketing ou de ventes.

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9 : Droit applicable en cas de litige

En cas de litige, le droit applicable sera le droit français.
Seuls, les textes en Français font référence

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10 : Attribution de juridiction

Tout différend n'ayant pu trouver une issue transactionnelle sera porté devant les tribunaux compétents de Nantes.


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11 : Respect de la règlementation sur les données personnelles (Email, adresse, téléphone etc…)

L'Organisateur en ayant accès aux données relatives aux Participants, s'engage à conserver la confidentialité des données à caractère personnel présentes dans la Base de Données de doglle, le tout conformément à la loi n°78-17 du 6 Janvier 1978 dite « Informatique et Libertés ».

L'Organisateur s'engage, en outre, à ne pas utiliser les données à caractère personnel des Participants à des fins de prospection commerciale qu'en stricte conformité avec les dispositions de l'article 121-20-5 du Code de la Consommation issu de la loi du 21 juin 2004 pour la confiance dans l'économie numérique.

D'une manière plus générale, l'Organisateur déclare connaître parfaitement l'ensemble des dispositifs en vigueur nécessaires à la protection des données personnelles des utilisateurs. Il déclare au surplus s'y conformer.

Les données de la base de donnée, ne doivent pas être copiées. Il est interdit d’exploiter les données , de laisser un tiers les exploiter, ni de les rendre accessible à un tiers, sans accord préalable de doglle. Toute infraction constitue une violation des droits d’auteur et fera l’objet de poursuites.

Toutes les données déposées par l’utilisateur sur le site, restent confidentielles, et ne seront communiquées à l’organisateur que pour une consultation strictement limitée à une seule exposition canine, identifiée par un n° de code unique.

L’organisateur s’interdit à en faire tout usage contraire, et transmettre ces données à tout concurrent du site. Il s’interdit aussi de les récupérer à des fins commerciales, voire de marketing ou de ventes.

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12 : Cancellation

The website reserves the right to automatically withdraw, without notice or compensation, for the benefit of the user, access to its services in case of violation of these Terms of Use, without prejudice of any legal action.

The user will be notified by email of the deletion of his account as soon as possible. His data will be destroyed.
The user may at any time cancel his account, without justifying the reasons, by contacting our services.
The sums paid to that date shall in no case be refunded to the user regardless of the justification for his cancellation.

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